Global Intermodal Equipment Registry

A Service of the Intermodal association of North America

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GIER Registration Process

  • 1. Visit the login page to set up your account
    • a. Click on the link “Not a Participant Yet? Click here for registration
    • b. Complete the Company/Organization and User Registration Information
    • c. Enter your Chassis Prefix Codes
  • 2. Execute the GIER Master Agreement
    • a. Download and execute the GIER Master Agreement by sending the Signature Page and Attachment B to:
    • or fax to 301.982.4815.
    • b. Attachment C must also be submitted at this time, if applicable. As example, this refers to 3rd party system developers and bulk DVIR processors, not the public access features of GIER.
    • c. Indicate online Acceptance of GIER Terms and Conditions (also contained in the GIER Master Agreement)
  • 3. Prepare to Upload Equipment
    • a. Upload scheduling
      • — Upon receipt of the signed GIER Master Agreement, IANA staff will contact you within 48 hours to schedule the upload of your initial equipment population. This will include scheduling an upload test to verify that your formatting is accurate. IEP will need to advise IANA of the preferred method of file transfer, EDI or Excel, at this time.
    • b. Data Formatting
      • — The data formatting requirements in GIER are exact as specified in the Equipment Registry File Layout found in the GIER Master Agreement, Attachment D, Section 2.2, as well as the GIER Excel Template.
    • c. Data Testing
      • — Large IEPs will be asked to provide a test file containing 1,000 – 2,000 records. Smaller IEPs may provide the entire equipment file for testing.
      • — Upon notification of successful test and validation of the data formatting, IANA will green light the IEP for full data upload.
  • 4. Account Activation
    • — An email will be sent advising of the account activation at which time the user will be able to log into GIER with User Name and Password
  • 5. Equipment Upload
    • — GIER accepts:
      • Web interface for manual entries
      • Excel upload/download available from web interface.
      • FTP/EDI using Coedor specifications.
    • – IANA will schedule any necessary support to the IEP and advise upon the successful equipment upload
  • 6. Account Management
    • — You may now manage your company account, system users, equipment inventory, FTP settings, equipment logs and transfer of control (TOC) transactions

Who should I contact for more information?

Information Services Help Desk:
Phone: 877-523-0225 Email: